Company Ethos

Made Line Jewelry’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that covetable, heirloom-quality jewelry can be made in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.

My personal values have always been at the heart of what I do and how I run my business. As a small company, I am not perfect and I do not have all the answers, but I am constantly striving to be better.

I highly value and believe in…

HONESTY: being open and transparent with everyone I work with, including everyone in the supply chain, material vendors, customers, and everyone in between. Even being honest when I’m wrong or when I know I can improve.

INTEGRITY: using my values as guiding principles for all business decisions and only working with people that share my values, follow through with their intentions, and are open to talking in detail about their work. 

RESPONSIBILITY: having respect for the materials I use and the earth that the materials come from. I believe it is important to clean up after myself and continuously learn how to make better decisions and to encourage positive change. Read more about Made Line materials here

COMPASSION: having genuine respect for everyone I work with, especially the people that are in the supply chain and directly affected by the sourcing and manufacturing of the materials I use. I truly believe that compassion is the main source of connection and when this is combined with action, it can create huge positive change. 

COURAGE: practicing courage bit by bit, and eventually creating a confidence in your authentic self. Being bold, strong, and risk taking, while still remaining humble. 

CURIOSITY: staying motivated to grow, learn, make better decisions, and embrace change.


Read more about Made Line Jewelry's ethos and sustainability here. 


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