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The Spinning Heart Charms

Inspiration behind The Spinning Heart Charms - rhythmic movement, ancient symbolism, and a gentle embrace.

Ancient Egyptian Heart Amulet

01 - Symbolism

Ancient Amulets

Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans considered the heart the “seat of the soul.”

For Egyptians, the heart also housed a person's memory. In the afterlife, the heart is believed to be able to speak for the deceased.

Consider the Spinning Heart Charm a rhythmic memento representing your soul’s passion, your transformation, balanced connection, and unity.

Above, ancient Egyptian Heart Amulets

(Photos from Met Museum)

Loie Fuller
Louie Fuller

02 - Rhythmic Movement

Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller was an American dancer who gained prominence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was known for her pioneering work in modern dance and her innovative use of lighting effects in her performances.

Fuller's dance style was characterized by flowing, expressive movements, often using billowing costumes that she manipulated to create dynamic and visually stunning effects

One of her most famous works is the "Serpentine Dance," where she used her flowing costumes and intricate lighting to create the illusion of fluid, serpentine movements.

Fuller's dances often celebrated the feminine form and its expressive potential. Her use of billowing costumes and graceful movements highlighted a softer and more ethereal side of dance, challenging conventional notions of the female performer.

While designing the Spinning Heart Charms, I wanted them to have a similar elegant movement to Loie Fuller's dancing - a nod to cyclical patterns in life and finding balance within them.

Above, Loie Fuller performing

(photos from New York Public Library)


Spinning Hearts

rhythmic movement, ancient symbolism, and a gentle embrace


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