Made Line Jewelry is a seasonless fine jewelry brand featuring modern & timeless designs thoughtfully crafted with traceable materials and responsible methods. Handmade in Santa Cruz, California, Made Line solely uses certified recycled metal, certified Fairmined metal, and ethically-sourced, traceable gemstones with styles ranging from classic staples to large statement pieces.

Made Line’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that covetable, heirloom-quality jewelry can be made in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.


Meet Maddy Michael - designer and maker of Made Line Jewelry.



Hey there, 

I’m Maddy Michael, the founder, designer, and maker of Made Line Jewelry. My goal is to make the kind of jewelry you’d want to find in your capsule jewelry box. I do this by making modern, classic, high-quality fine jewelry that makes a gentle statement and is designed to be worn all day, every day. 

I personally design and make each piece in my studio in Santa Cruz, California. There is no dividing line between the designing, making, producing, and wearing...I do it all. I design what I like to wear, what I know I can make well, and what I know will function well. The company is based on my personal lifestyle and values, therefore I am committed to using ethically sourced materials and responsible methods of production. Please read more about the Made Line Ethos here

I want to create jewelry that becomes a part of your heritage and your story, that you will cherish forever, but wear immediately. 

Can’t wait to share more with you - keep up with me on Instagram and join the mailing list for more in depth exclusive stories and offers. 





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